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Property Management

At LLRG Real Estate, our focus is on delivering tailored and innovative property management services that cater to the unique needs of our clients. 

Scope of Services 

Our property management services aim to offer a holistic and worry-free experience for property owners, ensuring fluid operations while maximizing returns. The following provides an overview of our offerings:


1. Tenant Management:

   - Marketing property vacancies to attract quality tenants.

   - Comprehensive screening of potential tenants.

   - Handling all lease agreements, renewals, and terminations.

   - Addressing tenant complaints and concerns promptly and professionally.

   - Facilitating regular rent collection and enforcing lease agreements.


2. Administrative Tasks:

- Managing communications related to the property, including liaisons with insurance representatives and other entities.

   - Ensuring all properties adhere to local and state regulations.

   - Regularly providing detailed financial reports and statements.


3.Maintenance and Upkeep:

   - Conducting property inspections to ascertain condition and maintenance needs.

   - Addressing and managing maintenance work orders with our licensed contractor on retainer.

   - Providing a 24/7 emergency response for critical situations.

Our Unique Advantages:

Dedicated Staffing: A full-time staff member with a profound property management background will be exclusively assigned to your portfolio. Their role is pivotal in ensuring the efficient handling of all management aspects.


Expert Supervision: Kate Garton, Broker and owner of LLRG, will personally supervise all daily activities of the properties, ensuring you receive the highest standards of service.


Licensed Contractor Support: Our retained licensed contractor guarantees timely and top-tier maintenance and repair services.


In-house Accounting Expertise: Our dedicated CPA will oversee the financial aspects of the project, from reporting to tax considerations.


MLS and Online Access: As a licensed and insured real estate brokerage, we have direct access to the local MLS. This ensures all vacant units are listed promptly, which simultaneously publishes to all major rental websites, enhancing visibility and tenant acquisition.


In-house Marketing Firm: Our embedded marketing firm will facilitate the creation and dissemination of marketing materials for vacant units, ensuring that they are presented attractively and effectively to potential tenants.

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