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Meet The Team

At LLRG Real Estate, we have a close-knit team dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our clients. Meet our team of agents who have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the buying or selling process.

Kate Garton


Kate Garton serves LLRG as both its broker and owner. With a diverse background, Kate has been a part of the real estate industry as a salesperson since 2017. Her journey in real estate has been marked by a dedication to providing her clients with the best service and a commitment to excellence that is unmatched. In 2023 Kate launched LLRG. LLRG was not merely founded but meticulously crafted with a clear vision: to revolutionize the real estate landscape in central West Virginia. Distinctly setting it apart from its peers, LLRG boasts several unique advantages that make it a force to reckon with.


Foremost, its in-house marketing team is a testament to LLRG's commitment to innovation and adaptability. This dedicated team ensures that properties get maximum visibility and that clients receive tailored marketing strategies that resonate. Furthermore, LLRG's investment in industry-leading software showcases its forward-thinking approach. This commitment to technological advancement ensures that clients experience seamless transactions, benefit from the latest market analytics, and enjoy an overall enhanced real estate experience. But what truly solidifies LLRG's standing as a premier brokerage is its unparalleled team. Comprising of seasoned professionals, each member is committed to delivering results, going above and beyond to meet client expectations.


In addition to her real estate career, Kate and her husband are also the owners of McFly Outdoors, an esteemed outdoor sporting goods retailer. With brick-and-mortar stores across West Virginia and a flourishing e-commerce venture. Her ability to excel in the world of retail is a testament to her dedication and keen business acumen. As Kate was navigating the growth trajectories of both McFly Outdoors and LLRG Real Estate, she identified a glaring gap in the market: small businesses in the area were grappling with a significant need for targeted marketing assistance.


Recognizing this demand, Kate founded The KG Firm, a boutique agency specifically crafted to address the unique marketing and consulting needs of small businesses. With a focused approach on small business empowerment, The KG Firm emerged from Kate's firsthand experiences and challenges in growing her own ventures. Her passion for entrepreneurship and a steadfast dedication to aiding small business owners are the driving forces behind The KG Firm's mission. With her strategic insights and expertise, Kate has positioned The KG Firm as a beacon for local enterprises striving for growth in a competitive marketplace.


Amidst her numerous professional commitments, Kate's heart is firmly anchored by her role as a proud mom to Dillon and Zoey. Her unwavering commitment to family, along with her career.

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