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LLRG Real Estate is dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and tailored assistance to you.

Available Rentals

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Who We Are

LLRG Real Estate: A new real estate brokerage dedicated to providing unparalleled service to our clients.

Why Choose LLRG?

  • Professionalism at its best.

  • A dedication to securing the most favorable outcomes for our clients.

  • A comprehensive approach that guarantees tranquility throughout your real estate transaction.

Choose LLRG Real Estate for an experience that redefines real estate.


1. In-house Marketing Team:

  • Specialized strategies tailored to each property.

  • Use of cutting-edge digital tools and platforms.

  • Ensures maximum visibility and reach for your property.

2. Extensive Networking Ability:
  • Strong connections.

  • Access to exclusive listings and off-market deals.

  • Collaboration with a vast network ensures faster sales and better matches.

3. Continuous Client Support & Guidance:
  • From the initial consultation to the final signature at the closing table, we stand by our clients' side.

  • Our mission is to ensure clients are consistently informed, confident, and content at every juncture.



2774 Old Route 33

Horner, WV 26372




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